Snow fun redux

Not being one of the professionals Alex talked to I thought I might chime in.

Working for an organisation with a large number of Macs and being employed to build images and package software I got a machine up running Snow Leopard (and my personal laptop) on the day of release to start checking things — since I know someone here will have rushed in from the store to install it on their Mac and it pays to be ahead of the support curve.

I had, of course, already done a fair amount of testing with early beta versions and only discovered one small problem with the (very) old version of Sophos Antivirus we were using (forced on me by my Windows brethren) and we were already on top of changes required to fix that.

Of the 60-plus applications I have thrown at Snow Leopard so far (they are the ones I have been told are being run by somebody in the organisation and have been provided install media for) I have had no outright failures. A small number of people have already logged support calls for Safari plugins that have been fixed by making it boot in 32-bit mode — enough that the first images I build will have that as a default.

There have been enough small changes under the hood that my standard Managed Preferences system has been thrown into disarray — but that is to be expected with every new major OS version. I expect to have all those preferences found again in a few days ready for integrating into my new system images.

I await my copy of Snow Leopard Server to start moving towards implementing that — once again beta testing has told me I will have very few problems. I'm looking forward to a few of the improvements but not to convincing my bosses to replace aging PPC Xserve boxes with Intel ones so they can run the new system.

I'm also breathing a huge sigh of relief that we don't expect and new hardware from Apple for a while — meaning the old 10.5 image will work on hardware purchases for the foreseeable future. It gives us poor souls in tech support time to build our 10.6 images.

So all in all, thank you for a totally painless OS release Apple.

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