MacTheMag isn't just about us telling you what we think about stuff. This is your mag too, your site, your blog. If you've got something to get off your chest you'll soon be able to post it right here on MacTheBlog.

Why blog here when you could just start up your own LiveJournal page? Two things.

First, you'll be sharing the same audience as our team of experienced and respected technology journalists and commentators. People who go looking for what they have to say will find what you have to say too.

Second, you'll get editorial oversight just like any other contributor to MacTheMag. Your work will be checked for accuracy and clarity as well as picking up the occasional typo or grammatical clanger. In short, your work will be given a coat of polish just like the professionals get. User-generated content on MacTheBlog will be a step up from "citizen journalism" and a step closer to "journalism".

How do you join the MacTheBlog revolution? You'll have to have registered on the forum and posted at least 100 times, to reach the rank of "Senior Member". (Don't post frivolous things to increase your post count either -- we'll spot it.) Once you've reached that level you'll receive login information that will allow you to submit blogs to this site.

Once submitted, your work will be checked over by an editor and, if accepted, posted to MacTheBlog and linked on MacTheForum for discussion.

What won't we accept? Well, anything defamatory for a start — if you've got a grudge, take it elsewhere. Or anything that is false or misleading. And don't even think about pinching someone's work from another site and posting it here — plagiarism is right out. We also won't accept material where a commercial conflict of interest is apparent — don't post articles about how fantastic your mate's Mac repair place is, and don't post anything you're being paid to post.

Aside from those simple rules, the world's your oyster really.