Snow fun

OK, so I rather predictably weakened and installed Snow Leopard last week. Not quite as soon as I held a copy in my clammy little palms -- I did have some writing work to finish that required the Macbook's more immediate attention -- but not long thereafter.

For once, I took somebody else's sensible advice, and made a couple of backups, including Time Machine and a straight file backup of all my own work resident on the Macbook. And then I dived into the install, which sat there and ground round... and round... and round.. and round...

Actually, this is a total lie. Snow Leopard told me it would take around 45 minutes to install, so I went and made myself a sandwich and watched a previously recorded episode of American Dad. Around 45 minutes of munching and giggling later, my Macbook had rebooted and Snow Leopard was all mine to play with.

I did have a couple of odd teething issues. For some reason, Snow Leopard had identified that I'd had an AT&T Wireless Card driver installed on the system, and that it wasn't Snow Leopard compatible, so it had shifted it to the incompatible software folder. All well and good, but I hadn't had an AT&T card near my system at any time. I thought it might have been some underlying code used by the Vodafone USB modem that does get plugged in -- but that works fine. One (and only one) of the shared folder on my ReadyNAS NV+ wouldn't connect, but switching that from an SMB share to an AFP one fixed that, and improved my transfer times to that drive to boot. Finally, DropBox wasn't Snow Leopard compatible, but it took all of a minute to find the beta version (I'll save you the time if you're a dropbox user; the files are here and for the last week it's been working pretty well.

So far, so good. I asked around a couple of different professional communities as to the experiences they'd had with Snow Leopard, given that for a new OS installation, it had gone very smoothly for me. Almost too smoothly, in fact. I keep waiting for the pain to start, and something to work badly for me, lest you think this some kind of Snow Leopard advertorial.

What surprised me was the strong response I got from everyone else who I knew would be shifting to Snow Leopard early. It seems like my bad luck has transferred from me to others. One user I know can't get Snow Leopard to keep a network connection — even a wired one — live on a reliable basis. Another has found his web-based content system won't work under Snow Leopard at all, and has resorted to a virtual Vista install. When you're installing Vista as a preferable operating environment, you know something's gone badly wrong.

If I wanted to risk my very life, I could bring up the fact that the iPhoto Mosaic Screensaver doesn't seem to work for one user who I know will be reading this blog carefully. But as I've had a good week with Snow Leopard, and don't fancy dying in a horrible but carefully orchestrated "accident" any time soon, I won't bring that particular problem up.

[Grumble grumble grumble mutter snarl ... — MJCP]

Perhaps all my years of having the new OS systems that crash with spectacular regularity mean that I've paid my debts to the OS gods, and they've gone off to find new victims to torture. Or perhaps I'm ignoring the one problem that will BZZZZZZTTTTT> ......01010101010001.*.

What's your Snow Leopard experience been like so far? Discuss it at MacTheForum!

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