iPhone 4 arrival events

Unlike previous iPhone releases, at which the customer queues themselves were notable, this time around lines of eager iPhone purchasers were a given for the major carriers. The question was not "who will be first in the queue" but rather "which queue will be the coolest place to hang out".

In Sydney's George Street you had your choice of venues: Optus's queue stretched around the block and then some while only the first 50 in line got to see Kelly Rowland perform; Telstra had musical guests and Masterchef caterers; and Vodafone/3 offered its customer an alternative to queueing with a party at the fashionable Ivy.

(In the tradition of "best laid plans" of course people were still lined up past 1am to get into Vodafone's non-queueing party.)

Alex Kidman and MJCP spent the evening flitting between the three telcos (and the hardy souls lined up outside the Apple Store despite the fact it wouldn't be open until 8am) to check it out. Read MJCP's coverage on Twitter and watch Alex's video record below.

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